Collision Detection v1 - Psychological Strategy Board

Marking the second project in a series of experimental collaborations from Front and Follow. This is like a Exquisite Corpse of sound where various artists were invited to submit audio clips to a central pot which in turn was randomly re-distributed 'lucky dip' style for each subsequent group to dabble with as they saw fit... The results promise to stretch across 2012 and beyond, encompassing known label mates like Doomed Bird and the amazing Sone Institute as well as exciting additions like Kemper Norton and Isnaj Dui.

From what I'm hearing though, the series is definitely off to a flying start with Collision/Detection v1. Jonny Mugwump of Exotic Pylon fame and Time Attendant's Paul Snowdon have taken their fragments and certainly ran with them... the resulting oddness, like a perfectly glued Airfix kit of sound that melts straight into your cranium.

'The Synthetic Profile' starts on a 23 Skidoo gamelan crawl full of pulsed penance, the sliding of torpedoes through rotting jellyfish heralding wobble board textures and diaphanous equations. That vaselined nail gun, spurting 'Frankie Says' orgasms, transforming into the hum n burr of tiny dynamos sucking at the air as the fader reveals a bleeping emergence on a lung pumped inflexion...

'Enharmonic Bow' is a bouncy elastane with Coil like shears... a sliver of tune running through an old projector... falling backwards ... a haunted air, marred in digital flecks... the flirtation, queasy full of half glimpses and triggers cavorting around a centrifugal Da Vinci mechanism. Headphones are a must

The third 'Internal Workings of a Noise Intoner', is a noisier endeavour, an octave climbing blow football match of bad tubing scalectrix jivver as a flatulent wasp smashes into rubber walls... the radius of collision rebounding in the ears like false memories... The last track settles for a straight drone affair, slipping on its own horizon, besmirched in a lustre of barely audible keyboarding... opening a gateway that doesn't seem to shut... here's to the next instalment...