Germseed - Postcards from the Isle of the Dead (Part One)

Recorded after Hypernature but released before...this EP is quite a departure from the thickety buzz of the former, with the drama pared down to the bare essentials... Super sparse flavours, husk like and dry elliptical fruits of absence... The Braille of dusty vinyl 'run outs' giving out an ‘otherness’ on black bright... as if divining the beyond in eerie slips of skating textures and crackle... the persistent churn of wavering drone, a hypnotic funnelling for the needlework...

This is elegantly simple...whether it's the vari-tone poem of some vibrating skull on the man with the long black brain... or the mournful cry of animal horns on ishquenza... it certainly holds your attention... a delicate balance that's best played out late at night...The ideal situ for it to draw on your consciousness like a cleverly conjured spell... The séance samples and shifting hissologies of the last track gently orbiting the truth yet sealing the deal, gloom glowing with protozoic suggestions that you’re probably not alone.