Caermaen - Ian Watson

An investigation into frequency shifted feedbacks, this oozes a minimalist vibe of shimmering metallics. A catalogue of machine phantoms and eerie tones that dimensionally ripple, feather cymbal-like across a stutter of desiccated mechanics. A highly tensile affair, it's mirages prey on your mind, keep you on the cusp of some macabre anticipation, as if an unseen magnetic presence were hovering disconcertingly over your shoulder, a sense of foreboding the cleverly entitled track titles milk perfectly. Totally loving the way the industrial flutter of The Silhouette of a man, rendered in ash and soot stands at the window seems to suggest just that.

Three Imposters continues the vibe, an unsettling of hertz, neatly divided into three. The first lingering in a tuning fork high, spectrum shifted, enveloped, it's sub atomics cannibalised. Pulsing out a chemical soup of slipping tones, finally delving into the lower registers puckered in slithering silverfish that séance-span some beautiful UFO’s and sawing mandibles.

The last track wrapping things up in a compendium of the first three, as gliding textures skim a grain-silo echo, and angry tremors buzz-saw, spark, and finally skid into silence – a worthy addition to horror’s growing vocabulary.