Monday, July 14, 2014

More from the Tape Attack vaults

When it comes to skewed pop this inter-related lot excelled.. from the spiky incessancy of Wirtschaftswunder to the inspirational shambolics of Silouettes 61 all topped by a ridiculously addictive side order of Radierer ...this little comp from 81 takes some beating...

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Balinese Beast / Wham Jah - Split LP

The A side starts in gentle silence, suddenly whipped up into a frenzy of erratic electronics, and tone abused obliques, the mood quickly galvanised into a solid spread of DAF heartbeats, all shiny and tight, pulsing out in sexy stretches of PVC with irregular sine abuses. A funnelling/ tunnelling of Meccano moles and atomising dronals, bulking back into a cut up lucky dip of caffeinated spiders. Ilan Manouach and Giorgos Axiotis of Balinese Beast are having plenty of fun here scrambling your expectations with some stark ADHD originality, plying tasty angles glimpsed in cartooned tumbles, spray booth arterials and machine belches. Abstract narratives that dip into easy listening forays, only to be subversively tampered with in Donald Duck like pitch bends and kinetic travesties. Errant fryings of synapse, as the 'no-input scars' mix up approximations of techno, scribbled over with saxophonical Windolene. Roasting things on 'dot to dot' incisings and growling dogs to swoon a dub sensation that bends your ear in a wealth of carnival colour.

The flip is a chunky jam session from Wham Jah tilting into serious Sunburned Hand territory . Burns bright and solid right from that Moroccan dawn offset. A heatstroke of incessant percussion, the sax leaking through the gaps...everything snaking ,growing in 'Flowers of Romance' stutters, back lit in some (really really nice) screaming skull subtleties. Lunges around beautifully, mournfully ecstatic, the pace wavering elastically from the slow burn of expectation to hard splashes of bhangra bone on skin, the noxious smell of burning rubber oozing from the metallics as you drown in those poodle eyes of the cover.

Go grab yourself a copy over at Phase

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Ingwertee - Urthsla

17 plus minutes that purr in your ear like an ember of memory, your mind bleeding soft processions caught on scattering wings, subtle swarms of frequency. The repeated guitar refrain weaving it's loving magicks, the confetti(ed) words falling inexorability through... bound to a slow stretching of drone... Jajouka like phantoms grasping the heartfelt maybes in search of possible tomorrows...This beast certainly beguiles.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Wasp Boutique - Art-Errorist and Zsolt Sores

This is a terrific slice of double vinyl...something i've written about in great detail over at freq... drifts in and out of focus like a concussed butterfly, dishing out the raw, the melodious and a lot of intriguing betweens... sports some incredible eye candy too, from the fevered brow of Mr Nurse with Wound no less...

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Live at the Ritz

This is quite excellent, if a little muffled in places... plucked from obscurity by the ever wonderful tape attack whose riches really deserve a good write sometime soon... meanwhile there's rumours of a proper test dept reunion (Godflesh, Swans ... can 2014 get any better i ask?)

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Imaginary Musicks Vol 1 - Stuart Chalmers

There's an alchemic quality to the sounds here; a warmth that curls your ear in smoky drifts of distant lands, deviational tongues. The serpentine flute, the mantra worn circles seem to fire-walk the tissue paper of consciousness, exacting a treasury of mellow magics. A parade of shifting focuses that conjure, dislocate on the burring rheumatism of drone. A painterly mirage of slipping multiples and fading memories, nomadic impressions of place lisping on prism caught thermals of the orient.

From the offing, Ancient chant touchstones a wavering dream of Eastern Europe embroidered in Bulgarian voices and flute... whereas The Way of the Unborn prefers to divine the remoteness of some Tibetan temple in the throes of ritualised repeats, filling your head with incessant prayers wrapped in reverberations of Aeolian metal and goatskin beats.

Imaginary Musicks casts quite a spell, lantern glows your head in a soft and seductive purr. I’m particularly partial to the de-tempo(ed) beat-box charms of Spirits of the Phonograph Era with that gospel preacher séance treading low in the mix, dealing out a shiver of subliminal pleasures. The reverse goods of Walpurgis Night are a musique concrete delight too, their planktonised slurs plying a plentiful array of strange curvatures that would leave Pierre Schaeffer green with envy.

If you’ve ever checked any of Stuart's live performances, and I strongly recommend you do, you’ll love the brain teasing whirr of The Eternal with its slipping fragments of tape curling the symphonic / jazzy goods, a lapis laided Shinro Ohtake of plunder-tronic dexterity, ending (for this album at least) on the picturesque Cantonese sunset of Floating World, withering away on zither and insect filled dunes. Beautiful stuff that deserves plenty of replays.

Available as a self released disc at Stuart's bandcamp or on tape over at bear town records

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Computer Music

Noise, drone and ecstatically infused computer horrors with more than a few mangled edges, this cassette is the perfect antidote to our bright and shiny times, featuring Reynols co-founder Anla Courtis, Astral Social Club, Dsic, Seth Cooke, Ian Watson, Skjolbrot's Dan Bennett and many more including a little Autotistic nugget from me. Go sample the beast here...