Monday, April 14, 2014

M.K.Lawnmowerman EP

The addictive beatitudes of this recent release from MK Lord (Poems of Stone) are great. Burning up in skidding rev’s of guitar and lyrical hooks a plenty. The right side of angry, a lean machine with star quality, CCTV being a definite contender of my song of the year.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ministry of Wolves and Hazel Winter

The Exchange, Bristol - 24th March

Re-interpretations of Brothers Grimm.... Now this could have fallen on its face, but it didn't. After a tentative start the 'Bad Seeds' noirs were flowing nicely, firm holds of organ tensiles and diving bass lines. Mick Harvey's percussive pleasures cobbling the melodies with interesting angles, giving out obsessive lights, buoyant branches on which those fairytale rewrites cranium sparked. Oooo this was beautiful, a crack in time where fantasy dribbled through. Wallfisch vocals booming satisfyingly, Alexander Hacke - Woody Allen like with his thick rimmed glasses dealing some delish psychosis in between the funnies, yelling out on Rumpelstiltskin as his guitar ripped open. Couldn't avoid the Anita Lane comparisons with Danielle de Picciotto's voice, that slightly sinister whim mingling with the wide eyed innocence... coupled with the hurdy gurdy on 'Sleeping Beauty' she was intoxication...

The support, Hazel Winter, unleashed quite a storm before all this... her fiery acoustics, and vitriolic humour were a force to be savoured. Here's a taster from her set finale.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hare Akedod

Some great new releases from one of my favourite Belgium imprints Hare Akedod. The artists here are always a mystery, the goods consistently rewarding and Forklong Daruplat's warm acoustics are a sparkling reminder of this. A sound that is definitely up there with the likes of Basho, Blackshaw for strong diverting narratives and curling atmospherics. A vibe, the other (soon to be) released Ōgon Batto cassette secures in a more strung out macabra of tribal weaves and wavering energies... here's a teaser to whet your appetite.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Road to Mirapuri - Rainbow Island - C20

Mirapuri Lagoon starts in sci-fi delusions, modulated goodness swept up in bamboo percussions. Shiver cushions of ancestral voices... ether flowing... as your spine sinks into protracted synth horizons. A psychedelic melt that's taken to a whole new level by some screaming peyote girl... ‘Astronaut aaaahhhhh!!!'. Exclamations that rip through Foot Village stylee, light up your head in super cute multi-hues . Passions the tiki tongued shadows try to steal before everything disappears between the salty roots of the mangrove.

The flipside, Rainbow Road is more transit. A plodding synth throb with globs of melodic key fall. Leaks a serious motorik vibe floating out on a breath stretch of reverbed vox ... Mellow juju with a squeeze of easy listening sleaze, as the scenery becomes a blur of parrot feathers and liquid light.

Yet another nicely packaged delight from the No=Fi crew.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Deeper Steps Into The New Path - LR / GW

It’s a beautifully recorded artefact, full of sounds that envelop, develop, spiders your mind with an intense focus, like some saintly martyrdom roaring, revolving in shifts of heavy gravity. An extremely passionate vibe throwing out plenty of drama, booming noise furnaces one minute, strange UFO unease the next all wrapped up in toe curling drone. Brings to mind the environmental gropings of Main or a sparser realisation of that release Mount Vernon Arts Lab did for Ochre a while back recorded in a nuclear bunker. A pure ‘psychic’ experience that leaves it’s concentric patterns on your soul and best listened to as loud as humanly possible...

oh yes... the package comes with a 'rehearsal version' download , which is just as good. A bonus which ripples an alternate take on the main dish, carving some very pleasant shivers indeed...