Saturday, April 16, 2005

2 Daughters - Gloria / Kiss the Cloth as MP3 download

It's not often you get a NWW ( Nurse with Wound) related release as a free mp3 download, but the electroacoustic people at have done just that.

Orginally released on a off-shoot of the United Dairies label 2 Daughters - 'Gloria / Kiss the Cloth' is a classic slice of 80s expermentalism - all the tracks are untitled so you can give our own labels to your favourites. I like the 'hurricane song' especially with its lyrical twisting and ethnic percussion. Click here to download the whole album.

Be warned you audio purists, these files have been ripped from the original vinyl so there is a bit of mild surface noise that accompanies the release,but nothing to distract too much from the quality of the music.


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