Monday, April 25, 2005

Experimental Sounds from Chile

picture taken from Cumshots website

Let me introduce the delightfully named CumShots from Chile, as they state on their about us page - we are not a porn site...but a MP3/Cdr label situated in
Santiago. They focus on industrial, noise, and strange music with a sometime slant towards the lo-fi spectrum of the audio scale.

They have an extensive back catalogue of releases: HRÖNIR of Fronha Records fame present two fine slices of electro-acoustic mayhem, CHESHIRE'S CAT give an interesting excursion in noise, HOMUNCULO give bizarre samples of TV that leave you dazed and COLEOPTERO mix Latin-ish rhythms and post industrial percussion delivered with a pinch of Cageian (not sure about the spelling) humour..

I really would like to hear more from COLEOPTERO - they seem to have a lot of interesting and varied ideas when it comes to messin' with sound, the final track from their album being a good example of their musical flexibility. But I’m only scraping the surface as the ASA DE LIPPES - ALITERACIONES is a mighty fine album too, taking up the game where Coleoptero left off.

Best dedicating a day or two to this site - rich vibes are to be had.

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