Sunday, June 12, 2005

CAMPARI SAFARI presents....

The Cube Cinema Bristol - Saturday 11th June 2005

Ann Shenton of ADD N TO (X) fame, was to be this evening’s headliner but cancelled due to illness. A bit of a bummer that, but with the entrance fee pleasantly slashed to only £3 to compensate...the show went on regardless

First up was a relative newcomer to the music scene (for me at least) and a recent signing to Exercise1 - Jeremy Warmsley and band, who presented an excellent collection of self written songs that gave original slants on the mediocrity of suburbia. The rhythms were all off kilter, Jeremy's singing a mix of pissed off authority and flat pan sarcasm packaged in a spiky beat box thump - plenty of lovely distortion abounded . The Japanese girl (Emmy the great) to Jeremy 's left added lots of shouty yells too (a Melt Banana fan maybe). By the end of the set I had a real appetite for more... and the two extra solo songs tagged on afterwards were a brilliant bonus.

Next up were a spin off from those excellent alt-popsters - Chikinki called 'The Precious Mings'. They were a three piece, largely driven by various keyboards/effects pedals and a drummer called Ali - who held it all together with a pumping beat. I've never seen a more hyperactive keyboardist/lead singer - striking all manner of contortions while jumping around his instrument podium, spurting vocals like rainbow toothpaste from under his curly hair. The other keyboardist was slung between two decks bending the sound this way and that, adding more interest to an already rich brew – fabulous...

(excuse the crap photography)

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