Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Lisa Germano - Inconsiderate Bitch EP

Ever since this little delight hit the shops I've been after it, being pipped by a friend to the only remaining copy in my local shop all those years ago. I'm glad to say, that now I have it... at long last, thanks to the delights of ebay and for under a fiver too - hurrrayyy.

I absolutely love it, especially the
radical remix of 'Sycophant' with it's ghostly reverb and spacey 'This Mortal Coil' violins. It was well worth the wait (over 10 years!!! where does the time go???).

If you've not been lucky enough to track down a copy of the original EP, good news - Lisa Germano's 'Happiness' album has now been re-released by 4ad to include these EP tracks (strangely enough, happiness only appears once though) and it's only £8 - bargain.

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