Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ruben D'Hers - Todo Está En Descanso

The audioscapes of this album by self-taught Venezuelan musician Ruben D'Hers called Todo Está En Descanso are just lovely and unique without any obvious influences springing to mind (which is a good thing in these days when comparisons seem to be all). The music embodies classical/avant-grade/electro-acoustic notions and many more besides, but can’t be classified by any one of the fore-mentioned disciplines.

Available from the netlabel the album wonders through many terrains, as you would expect from a compilation of recordings spanning between 1999 - 2004, but the overall effect isn't patchy at all.

It could easily be taken as an arthouse soundtrack with the music being rich in both emotive atmosphere and technique. Even when the tunes kick in there remains a delightful sense of un-ease ( like someone watching over your shoulder) , maybe due to the music's refreshingly unpredictable nature.

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