Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More From Finland

Transkaakko Picture from

Lots more free downloads from Finland thanks to - They are certainly doing some interesting stuff over there, judging by this small selection of MP3 goodies - sort of expanding the boundaries of Folk and Improv without any of the pretension that usually accompanies these things.

The Kiveen Veistetty album from the musical collective Transkaakko with its washes of natural sounds is the real pick of the bunch for me, I love the track
Sadetta Paossa with its use of a thunderstorm , not necessarily a new concept I know but here it acts like an harmoniser that compliments the slow shamanic chant / drumming - the result is literally saturated with atmosphere.

Also on my quest for more psychedelic outpourings from this country, I can across this
site packed with information and reviews - happy browsing

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