Thursday, July 07, 2005

(Review) Lisa Germano - Lullaby for Liquid Pig CD

As a follow on from the gorgeous 'Slide', Lullaby seems to be a natural progression - harnessing the fore mentioned album's stripped away aesthetics and tinting them even more with the self-loathing perspectives Lisa Germano has always brought to her music.

This album doesn't have the spiteful slant of 'Geek the Girl' apart from the short 'Liquid pig' maybe (where the effects of the past conjure up a real loss of control), but the lyrics to be found here are just as harrowing, but in a quiet, worrying way. How can somebody this beautiful be so f*cked up? Is anyone's guess,
( but i quess we are all a little like that) I suppose as long as she's writing songs, she has a vent for her pain. I certainly hope she'll continue to do so - if these lovely tracks are anything to go by.

Wounded by love too many times I suppose, cynical but prone to being ensnared - she writes very intimate lyrics that are thinly veiled by interesting metaphors. The honesty that she imparts along the way is admiral and I suspect that , if many of the lyrics on this album are to go by, she has an over reliance on alcohol when all her hopes tumble to the ground.

This bitter sweet pill is all wrapped up in music that feels (for the most part) like a room slowly removed of furniture, the ghosts of which recoil in the echo filled space and the post production work on this album is just superb, lots of creaky antique and haunting sounds that wallow in the emptiness like apparitions.

She's certainly sick of feeling the way she does as the lines on 'Pearls' state 'Hate will grow into blossoms of no' take you lower than low' but there are also some glimmers of light in all this melancholy like on 'Candy' or 'It's party time' where a welcomed drum beat stirs it up a bit and a lovely giddy rhythm that slides around it - really showing the flip side of the coin.

This album makes a quiet return in the most part for Miss Germano - if you are expecting another 'Geek the girl' you will be disappointed although glimmers of this heritage can be heard here and tease at a return to form, but what you gain from this album far out weighs any pre-conceptions.

A welcome return then for a artist that will always make exceptional music.

By Mr Autotistic

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