Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Children of the Drone

Children of the Drone is an expanding collective of musicians based in and around Exeter UK. I've only downloaded number three in their on-going compilation series and i'm really impressed, their sound could easily be compared to other great free-form improvisers like Thuja or the Vibracathedral Orchestra.

The lo-fi room acoustics add lots of extra warmth to the proceedings, which are further enriched with exotic instruments such as Indian sitars, Turkish Sez, Russian Balalaika etc as well as utilizing some found objects along the way. I swear I heard a typewriter being used in one of the tracks (haven't heard one of those in a musical context since 'Dissidents' by 80's boy wonder
Thomas Dolby).

The end result is incredibly relaxing, as you would expect, without lapsing into the realms of background music, with the musicians melding instinctively to produce a stream of collective consciousness that picks up on musical ideas as they happen as all good improvised music should.

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