Sunday, August 28, 2005

Noise Fest - 26th August @ The Full Moon, Stokes Croft, Bristol

A few of the acts on the night were a complete mystery to me, so there are a few question marks here and there.. on which hopefully someone out there may be able to shed some light?

Haven’t exposed my ears to such harm for a long time. What a night!... a shit load of interesting noise terrorists for just a fiver…bargain!!!

I’m guessing Bear Faced Boy (?) started the proceedings with a beautiful blast of mangled sounds that warmed the stage up nicely.

Some stocky Finnish/German bloke (?) then took over the reins producing some tasty mixer noise which was coupled with banging his microphone under a piece of glass The sound came into its own when he chopped the static into some military-ish beats and wandered the stage yelling into the microphone. A moth was aptly smashing itself against one of the lights in time to the pulses, startled by the barrage of distortion, the scales from its wings catching the light in their descent, sort of contributing poetically to his set.

Consumer Electronics – One half of the notorious ‘Whitehouse’ - Philip Best, produced some lovely distorted sounds rippling with static flux – intentionally ugly, the shifting layers of noise revealed a few gorgeously angelic murmurs and ephemeral shapes. The vocal contribution was the usual expletive filled catalogue of child abuse, rape, murder, insults and general nastiness you would expect.

Next we had a naked torso of man (guessing Prurient?) contorting around a table full of pedals and endless spaghetti. The swarm of sound created convulsive fits, which in turn echoed his twisting dance of muscular fury – guess he had a few issues to resolve!...A bloody excellent raw performance - his mic lacerating his equipment or being screamed into…The sound - like a bag of electrified spanners being chucked around.

Emil Beaulieau - Well, boy this chap could move - like a ballerina in a wreckage of hissing static and blistering carnage. ( for the curious among you click here for a live brainwashed treat...) Stripped to his boxers, he gave a bonkers set - flinging his diy 'noise toys' around, his legs and arms contorting in bizzare unison with the chaotic sounds he was generating. This guy knew his onions when it came to producing interesting sounds- while still pulling the funniest faces. There are a few mp3 freebies hosted by if you fancy a change from your usual ear fodder.

Jessica Rylan – She was a real cutie, creating sensual whispers and yelps to the electrical debris created by her machines,whilst moving the stage with a real sense of ecstasy. Download this track from her website it’ll give you some idea of her sound world. For some reason this was cut short and she went all unplugged on us – with 3 short vocal songs that gave some quirky insight into her mindset. By the way, the groovy little video of her in action on her site is also worth a viewing...

Sudden Infant

Sudden Infant gave a spirited performance screaming into his DIY noise-processors come plastic dolls, crashing the pedals and flinging the sounds around in hard angular shapes – the force of the sound was really physical, I loved it when Emil screamed into his face and he gave an absolutely deranged scream back.

The last act (?) was a drunken mess that descended into an accumulation of broken bottles, spilt beer and blood. Drunkenly staggering about the stage, goaded by the other performers to ‘press more buttons’, ‘Do something interesting’ I guess he was too far gone to produce anything useful, apart from his scornful replies of ‘c**ts’. By the time he did manage to salvage a few gorgeously reverbed hammer blows he couldn’t sustain it and with hands covered in blood he left the stage... Leaving the hecklers to clear up the wreckage – guess he had the last laugh…

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