Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Xmal-Deutschland - Tocsin LP
Does anybody else have fond memories of this mid 80s release by Xmal-Deutschland?

The sound hasn't dated at all - The lovely Anja Huwe – backcombed hair like some demented siren – wailing the vocals across frenetic guitars/bass, heavy drums and ominous keyboards. The magnificently gloomy 'tag fur tag' will stay with me forever as an anthem for bedsit existential loneliness... ah those were the days.

The group left 4AD after this album and signed to Phonogram releasing the equally excellent 'Viva' - I especially liked (and still like) the sombre ‘Morning’ (Emily Dickinson inspired) track from this gorgeous release. Unfortunately the magic wasn't destined to last and, after putting out 'Viva' the band split with the remaining members going shamefully poppy.

Interesting enough Anja Huwe now makes groovy abstract art

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