Saturday, September 10, 2005

Children of the Drone - Comp Vol 4

Children of the Drone - Comp Vol.4

The ever prolific ‘Children of the Drone’ have recently released the fourth in their series of on-going compilations. Culled from many hours of Mini-disc recordings, the content of this comp has been whittled down to eleven choice tracks.

Again the musicianship is outstanding – an organic blend of alt-folk that possess an enriched vibe that many strive for, but few achieve. It’s lovely that this type of music is out-there living ‘n’ breathing and not being confined to some dusty old LP or bound by the archaic notions of tradition that a lot of fellow folkies seem to desperately cling to.

By the look of their current recording rate (documented on the informative - ‘
The Spring’ blog) I guess comp 5 is not that long away…

From Comp Vol.4
The Prawn Mayonnaise Sandwich.mp3

From a recent St. Stephens recording session

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