Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Final Installment

The last part of WFMU's excellent investigation of the NWW List is online now...

Some choice cuts are:
Sperm - Heinäsirkat mp3
New Phonic - Improvisation Nr. 2 mp3
Wired - Wired I (edit) mp3 (this last one is amazingly still in print - must grab myself a copy)

...a tear rolls down my cheek


Rafael Marquee said...

Forced Exposure was a great typ, wans't it? :)

This list is Really amazing!
I will buy this Patrick Vian album soon. I hope this LP is still available :)

I saw this lp in a store here but i didn't buy it because i have never heard about him...

Cloudboy said...

Yeh - I have that problem too - I’m constantly plagued by 'I should have bought that' moments