Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mole Harness, Alexander Tucker, Mi and L'au

At the Cube, Bristol - Saturday 3rd September

Mole Harness

Mole Harness - master of the melodic, he produced some tasty looped sound-scapes and skilful layered lullabies that were even better with closed eyes.

Completely instrumental the music was filled to the brim with interesting shapes and structures so much so that at times it was difficult to believe it was being generated by just one person. Visit his website there’s plenty of mp3 on offer.

These two mp3’s will give you an idea about Mole Harness’s sound world:
Day Dream of Dying.mp3
Ripples on Underground Lakes.mp3

Alexander Tucker

Alexander Tucker - I was expecting a folksy song based show from this man on the strength of his recent release 'Old Fog' on the 'ATP' label but on the night we got something that was way more left field.

Fragments of sound were captured through his multitude of pedals and boxes then carefully layered to produce a wall of sound that was worked over with fret board dexterity and shamanic wails with a few songs entering the arena.

When he transformed his electro-acoustic into the low resonance of a bass the sound was enriched with an angsty vibe and I could see the Stephen O'Malley connection instantly.

Sorry about the crap pics – the lighting was too low for the camera and I didn’t want to blind the performer with distracting flash, but you can see some better photos at Underexposed

Mi and L'au

Mi and L'au - This duo were just superbly in tune with each other- as you would expect for lovers, producing a gentle series of acoustic songs that were accompanied by their stunningly unadulterated voices.


L’au had an interesting guitar style – a mixture of Spanish and Blues with his fingers gracefully sketching the tunes. When the duo combined their talents the music was at its most powerful.

I could see the Nico parallel to Mi’s voice – the austere beauty (especially when she used her native language)with the slight abstraction in the lyrics producing lots of fresh ideas and a few chuckles along the way ( the nipple song being one). L’au’s deeper voice was an excellent counterpoint enriched by his heavy French accent.

I’m looking forward to their debut release even more now as I haven’t heard anything this beautiful in years.

Heres a couple of mp3's from their debut:
A Word in your Belly.mp3
They Marry.mp3

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