Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nora Keyes

Discovered this while waiting for the Kevin Blechdom show to start at the Cube Bristol (more on this excellent performance a little later) – it was part of a DJ set that was screeeechin' from the bar and I was just compelled to ask who it was – suffice to say it’s on my Christmas list already…

Website :
nora keyes - the show is over..mp3
nora keyes - small apart.mp3 (this is the scary tune they played – sort of like Annie on acid)


baars12 said...

i have described Nora as Diamanda Galas in a Scoobee Doo episode

Cloudboy said...

hehehe - yeah Galas cartoon-ish fun but her lyrics are just too optimistic (in a reverse psyche sort of way) for just 2 dimensions alone don't yer think? (comparing her life to withering blossom in the mud next to dog-sh*t had he in stitches).