Sunday, October 16, 2005

Russian Futurists and Caribou

russian futurists

live @ the Cube Bristol Friday 14th October

Russian Futurists' from Canada gave some beautiful pop electronica, with a pumping beat on which the vocals and funky keyboards surfed. They produced some lovely tunes - the vocals were a teeny bit reminiscent of ‘Number One Cup’ with that warm American accent working it’s magic in my heart…..mmmmmm …



'Caribou' were super-loud with two drum-kits creating a bloody massive sound. I was expecting some mellow psychedelia from the vibes of their latest release and got a whole lot more! Live, this band was un-believably beefed up,just superb! Sort of like a jet propelled hippy with flowers exploding from his eyes – those trippy electronic wobbles, mad guitar effects and some blinding acoustic guitar picking and of course that thumping drum work-out – positively pulsing with life –Shit! I even bought the album – gatefold vinyl yummy!




Loved the naïve cartoon work on screen it suited the feel-good vibe -
ahhhh those animated teddy bears in technicolor yellow…and all those cute scribbly characters tumbling around.


If you have the opportunity to catch this band live don’t pass it up… one of the best gigs this year (so far…)

Caribou - Hello Hammerheads.mp3 (this is an excellent pop song)
hosted by the leaf label website


Loki said...

sounds like a great those bands though I feel perversely guilty for liking them somehow...perhaps because the RFs are really a semi-wired, electronindie c86 band forced into the future and Caribou are shoegazing allover the place... thus I feel a faint echo of shock at how crap those old bands were compared to these new ones...

or maybe it's just because the bigger boys are all busting out about Grime and Dubstep and this twee / bliss stuff looks a little, er, suburban?

Cloudboy said...

Thanks for the comment Loki

Yes it was a Bloody brilliant gig – the tiny place was sardined wall to wall with people. Yeah I know what yer mean, when I listen to soft machine (maybe not a particularly good example) – I don’t get the same feelings as when listen to Caribou maybe because the later seems more relevant to the now. Yeah times move on and so do attitudes I suppose – just comparing my eldest son to me at his age scares me a bit. Although I luv listening to some really miserablist stuff (I get too many requests to turn that dirge off) I think Happiness is a underrated commodity in music and Caribou just plain and simply made me grin like a terminally insane idiot.