Monday, October 24, 2005

Twocsinak, Planningtorock and Kevin Blechdom

live @ the Cube, Bristol Saturday 22nd October


The first act, Twocsinak was all introspective comedy backed for the most part by a pre-recorded box of tricks. His lyrics were spilling over with humour and I loved his radically deconstructed remix of Bjork’s ‘Army of Me’ (if only remixes were as entertaining as this). The short set was neatly finished off by a tribute to the late great John Peel in the form of the entire Bend Sinister album ( The Fall being John’s favourite band) condensed into just over 3 mins (repeated words omitted) to the background of clanking machinery – brilliant.

kevin Blechdom and Planningtorock

Planningtorock and Kevin Blechdom (with the assistance of ‘The Organ Lady’ a little bit later on in the set) did a split set starting with a crossed legged acapella sing-song. Kevin kitted out for a celebratory barn dance, helium party balloons tethered to her shirt, Planningtorock a strange concoction of tribal head-hunter and circus ring master…


It wasn’t long before Planningtorock launched into her set. And what a psycho-tropic wonder it was – her painted face twisting – and a voice that dipped into Diamanda Galas territory with menacing projections morphing in slow-mo behind. Leaning into the audience with a sensual sneer – it was a truly dark pleasure that trembled with unease.



I’d listened to a few albums of Kevin’s – and was semi-prepared for her wondrous sense of humour, but live, the experience was magnified into a form of surreal cabaret that showcased her bloody amazing vocals which switched from harmony to screams with disconcerting ease – and of course that mental musicianship,which was particularly demonstrated when she teamed up with ‘The Organ Lady’ for a duet of keyboard conflict - it was a real ‘Buster Keaton’ musical showdown something like two over-wound clockwork toys in a flurry of fingers and hands bouncing off the keys.

Kevin Blechdom and The Organ Lady

Kevin Blechdom and Folks

All musical styles were abused in the process of the show – they even did some wicked hip hop tunes, microphones in hand and a whirl of spluttering words… also loved the helium induced squeaky song.


Planningtorock (originally born in Bolton, now living in Berlin) did a song dedicated to Bolton Wanderers complete with a DIY riot helmet, again the voice was just astonishing and the subject matter all cathartic release.

For the finale Kevin stripped to the waist and while relating a tale of a relationship gone sour, she smeared her naked torso with raw meat – blood dripping between her fingers… speechless.


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