Sunday, November 27, 2005

Z'ev and Charles Hayward (This Heat) - Friday 25th Nov

live @ the Cube, Bristol


It was an intimate affair with Z’ev being perched just below the stage rather than on it (in the front row – some of the front row seats taped up) with an assortment of bang-able goodies arranged around him including a few metal duct pipes.

Chain smoking with his back to the audience the man’s show was a fascinating exploration into sound creation, all acoustic too, no microphonics to sully his purity of vision – he coaxed some of the most extraordinary sounds and rhythms from what was at first glance a limited palette, The dexterity and complexity at work here was astounding, catching the reverberations, Ze’v was in a playful mood – overlaying textures and effortlessly moving through his equipment. Loved his use of the piping, he created truly industrial beats like only 'Test Department' or 'Neubauten' (circa Kollaps) could.

His suspended custom-made metal box was a marvel to listen to, as the scarred surface brought forth tonal wonders that were infinitely pleasing . However, I think the rubber balls on plastic sticks rubbed along the drum skin was his crowning glory… It just had to heard to be believed
- like something created from the bowels of a PC. If I ever get the chance to see Z’ev again I’m taking it!!!

Some sounds from the Z'ev website


and Nine Chambers Divination/Mediation.mp3

charles heyward

Legendary member of that early 80’s post punk sensation ‘This Heat’ - Charles Hayward used percussion that was more orthodox but by no means ordinary.

Surrounded by at lots different drums he charged into his set, a blur of arms… Energetically cutting up rhythms and twisting them on themselves – his vocals – fiery, poetic and sometimes scary especially when he spat forth ‘Abracaaaadabra!’ - talk about ‘jump out of yer seat’ dynamics – it would seem that he’s still as disgruntled as he was when he started his musical career – which gave the performance plenty of impetus. Brilliant – He’s set me on a mission to get more accustomed to the work of ‘This Heat’ – a group that seems to have slipped completely under my radar…

charles heyward

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