Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Delights from Rio

Recently received six official experimental cdrs from my friend over in the eternal sunshine of Brazil - so I’ve got lots of goodies to keep myself occupied during these cold and dark months ahead – Frithlang, Dell.tree, Os Botanicos, Sensorial Estereo, Lavajato…and a limited edition (5/100) of Thelmo Christovam + Fernando S Torres from the netlabel Menthe De Chat .

Thelmo Christovam + Fernando S Torres

The limited edition of Thelmo Christovam + Fernando S Torres (chat 005) is particularly fine, housed in a velveteen folder with an understated metal collage on the front – giving a stately air to the two darkly wrought tracks within. The sound is genuinely spooky , dense drones that drift through a psychoactive landscape, possessing a resonance that has all the un-nerving qualities of an Asian horror movie (been on a diet of Asian Extreme this Christmas break) - think shadows crawling around without a physical body or those corner of the eye glances of something unearthly that are pure cold-sweat scary. Best digested with your eyes closed...

Part 1
Part 2

…more on the others a little later on.

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