Thursday, January 05, 2006

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Liger/A Thousand Fuegos

The cup's half empty filled with your tears and the world of 'Liger/A Thousand Fuegos' gives you the re-assurance that you’re not alone. They inhabit the same twilight city where passing cars are aching reminders of a world slipping from your grip. The music seems equally fragile as if breathing would atomise it, collapsing those gorgeous skeletal structures that enfold the hushed outpourings of loss, longing etc, although a fair deal of ambiguity dwells here too.

The first of a series of new EP’s from this release is split between two like minded bands, Liger who present 6 new short-ish songs one of which is a lovely cover of a Bjork tune (the realisation of which creeps up on you unexpectedly as all good covers versions should) and a newcomer to Beatismurder - A Thousand Fuegos who have the last 3 tracks and end this tantalisingly short EP on a slightly optimistic note with a touching squeeze box / guitar shanty. Looking forward to the rest in the series.

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