Sunday, January 15, 2006

Surfin and sittin around

From the netlabel Camomille comes this ep from Photophob ‘ The fragmentary i’ has its fair share of pleasant digital clicks and beautiful beats, with a sound that tastes incredibly fresh, a difficult thing to pull off in the oversaturated world of electronica – There’s lots going on here amongst these loosely knitted rhythmic tracks with melodies that just evolve between your ears - on headphones your mind's pulled this way and that in a carefree ride out of town - The type of ultra trendy programming that beats the 'Boards of Canada' at their own game for the moment… I’ll be playing this until those blue skies return - feeling a little sun kissed in the process…

Mirror recursion.mp3
The fragmentary I.mp3

Midinette Records
On a slightly darker territory this release from P Ferrari Center (from the netlabel Midinette), is sleazy, low slung programming that fingers away in red neon mammon – street lights gliding the windows surface as the car slips through the night…thought the bass heavy last track could have benefited from some groany vocals.


...just finished watching Casshern a bit of an over-wrought epic, at 142mins long - with a strong anti-war agenda but what a lush visual feast of a film …more music video artists should take up the challenge. Found the clever editing somewhat confusing in places – but a terrific ride - just wished I’d seen it in the cinema - all that overwhelming richness was lost on my tiny TV – maybe I should sit closer next time…

As I’m a bit of a lazy typist click here for a review - sit back and be seduced

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