Sunday, February 12, 2006

Winter has it's benefits...

Rediscovered some hippy classics this weekend, thanks to BBC4's Folk Britannia series. Although most of it was steeped in morbid tradition for my tastes, two songs hit home - the sitar/guitar of 'The Half-remarkable Question' from 'The Incredible String Band' and the tripped out 'Hurdy Gurdy Man' by Donovan, that was later covered by 'The Butthole Surfers'. Removing the lyrics from the music and strokin' my beard - me thinks poetry...

The Half-remarkable Question
by Robin Williamson (excerpt)

And an elephant madness has covered the sun

The judge and the juries they play for the fun
They've torn up the roses and washed all the soap
And the martyr who marries them dares not elope
O it's the never realised question

click here for the rest (scroll down a bit)

The Hurdy Gurdy Man (excerpt)

Histories of ages past
Unenlightened shadows cast
Down through all eternity
The crying of humanity.
'Tis then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man
Comes singing songs of love,
Then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man
Comes singing songs of love.

the rest can be found here

Caught an eye full of a 1972 Donovan concert late Saturday as well -
and struck by the blissed out innocence of it all... feel the need for balance... (reaches for a bit of Skullflower)

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