Saturday, March 18, 2006


Odd little fellow with a big head; a flip/broad-sided Charlie Brown with the Devil's arms (i.e. longer than the legs, there or thereabouts), playing a kinda degraded disco at 3 in the morning.

Almost no one is listening.

I wander over, uncertain. Last time I asked what a DJ was playing I got embroiled in a nasty conversation about Tropicalia (not the animal park nr Minehead) which left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

What the hell-

-What's this?




The music was clippy-cloppy and gulping. Very loudly. Someone flicked a finger at the dry ice switch.

-Named after the Lava Lamp?

"Matmosmate. Mat-mos. I think they used to be in Van Der Graaf Generator."

He might have said something else but that sent me down a lot of happy blind alleys.

-Good stuff, yeah. Do you have the record?

If you could hear eyes roll, you'd hear them now. He showed me the cover: California Rhinoplasty and then nodded at my t-shirt: Coil - Unnatural History

"There's a Coil cover.[UNINTELLIGIBLE] with the same samples..."

Then he rolled off, the track ended. Something mildy Yes came on.

Turned out that the name came from Barbarella and as far as I know Pete Hammill and the Matmos boys have never gotten it together - though I can see it happening - but the music and the Coil reference was intriguing enough to set me searching and eventually I got hold of the record and heard the Coil cover - sounds like Coil with all organic material substracted; colder still.

That night ended in a whimpering mess - some girl with a par-boiled face was crying into Cinzano, a man with a Taboo/Mirage promotional t-shirt was starting to vacate his brains through his eyes, causing the kind of stillness that precedes Ballardian violence...

But I had a new band.

Matmos - Roses and Teeth For Ludwig Wittgenstein
Matmos - Disco Hospital

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Cloudboy said...

Excellent stuff - I’ve found a lot of new music this way too - when I’d plucked enough courage up to ask that is...that invisible DJ barrier can be like Everest sometimes...