Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sleepless nights

Schlaflose Nächte - The Angel Will Not Come - LP

Schlaflose Nächte - Drum Dance and Song / Mental - 12 inch

Schlaflose Nächte - Flustern / Move - 7 inch

Schlaflose Nächte fitted quite nicely into that 'new wave' vibe of the early 80's. I bought ‘The Angel Will Not Come’ because of the Blixa Bargeld and F.M. Einheit involvement and was excited by the uniqueness of vision, something that the other releases I tracked down later never re-kindled. That off-key shouting, mental patient ranting, metal scraping and glorious mess that was ‘Angel’ had turned into angsty post punk. Very pleasing to the ear, mind you - especially Gila’s vocals on the 7 inch, and the impressive drum/bass on the 12 inch. I was always left wondering if there was another Schlaflose Nächte LP out there somewhere, that could be a fitting accomplice to my original introduction…?

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