Sunday, April 23, 2006

Serenade to a dead machine

Do you smell burning
...after 13years the washing machine died...

In a way I’ll miss that Airport ambience it had on spin cycle and the way it flung itself around the kitchen – in a similar way that the fridge did in 'Requiem for a Dream'...

Condemned to rot in the garden until I could be arsed to take it to the tip, the kids turned upon it with evil abandon, and after a few hours the wreckage resembled an Einsturzende Neubauten hoe-down. The kids, Dickensian black were grinning from ear to ear surrounded by crumpled metal, wire and plastic. Sifting through the debris I nabbed the retro door for a future project. Mr Olivetti (a very groovy friend and sometime reviewer on rottenmeats) discovered a pebble-smooth £2.80 in the trap

Washing Machine Fifty Pence
Washing Machine Fifty Pence

and my youngest, with a keen eye on recycling, constructed a Dalek ray gun from the motor complete with vocal cries of Ex-term-in-ATEEEE just in time for the Saturday family get together at 7.15 with a scary werewolf on the loose.

Midaircondo - Shopping for Images

Anyway, the stereo was playing this track Serenade (dwld expired) from Midaircondo somewhat at odds with the distant crashing outside which made it sound like a possible musical direction for Blixa (transgender nightmares). Nice track though (plus/minus the clatter), that piano motif seeping through like soft drizzly rain, and those honey-like vocals smoothing all disappointment… strangely enough you can catch some metal rattling at the end…

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