Tuesday, June 06, 2006

If I Were King

Black Dog in every form has been a little slice of commercial suicide. The album with With Black Sifichi - Unsavoury Products - contains the trend, matching music/beats that sound utterly degraded, like abused children or badly soiled food, with the pop-eyed delirium of Black Sifichi's automatic ranting, which spins odd tales of peversely strangulated wants and desires and attempts to document the nasty taste at the back of your mouth at the moment you realise that all you wanted is wrong and blackhearted. The odd lilting delivery is perhaps lost by listening to one track but I guarantee that if you buy this album and listen all the way through you'll start to feel part of the Beat(en) Generation.

This is Scary and Silly and (almost) as incomprehensible as the Black Dog portal. Wonderful stuff, that never takes it's heavy themes too seriously.

Black Dog With Black Sifichi - If I Were King

A Yousendit Degradational Exercise

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