Saturday, June 10, 2006



Lazy paint elasticised squiggles - noodles slipping fork

Big bands of pleasure sucked into then spat out

Cut across see (saw) crazy paved criss-cross

Flocks of birds shaped like cars race dart

Sequenced erosion abrasion

Bottles on spinning plates popping plastic

Horns - a grinding metal baptism in giant iron boots – parasitic mice nibble

Clashing sabres crunchy oscillations

As a scraping ‘trolley dash’ slips and slides on an oily floor

Fast suction, squeal BABY squeal – a brutalised banquet - body gripping table divinely – a contorted force-fed pleasure

Painful jazz skewered head

Winds down devoured – rippling slivers - floating dots orbit a clawed hand

Drunken lights, multicoloured fish food flakes - a collapsing de-oxygenated ache

Reprised last stand of shimmering violence – de-constructed by audience bird song...

Trk (1) Volume 0ne – live (out pouring) from Rio...
courtesy of the ever wonderful Menthe De Chat

others from Frithlang and Muwei/Fst here too


Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the review
kkfs / menthe de chat

Cloudboy said...

you're welcome – thanks for the cool sounds - with improv i think i like the trail of thought approach...