Thursday, August 10, 2006

Discarded Musical Vermin

NWW - Rat Tapes Vol.1

More scrapings off the cutting room floor from Mr Wound, not as ‘all over the place’ as Sucked Orange yet not as fleeting as Musty Odour. Lots of recognised fragments mangled or mingled, amongst the new plus a hint of Nurse’s much anticipated dance / street direction when the decent stab at drum n bass gets you rechecking that you have the right disc playing…

I’m in favour of the absconding guitar/drum combo of trk 16, the deaths head bell procession of its neighbour and of course trk 5 made from sounds that are distinctly ‘hamster wheel’ in origin.

Rat Tapes Vol.1 is buyable from those good people over at The Water Tower, there’s no excuse for not snapping this up, you’d be a fool not to, and only a tenner...

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