Act IV (patience) and Fuzzy Lights CDR

Act IV (patience) – Mi & L’au

Act IV (patience) – Mi & L’au

First impressions were one of slight disappointment in comparison to Act II, with the absence of any lightly sketched song trapped in the amber this time round, but like its companion piece - the more you listen, the more is revealed. I like the way the murkiness of the recording feels akin to a fading cave painting, becoming a precious glimpse into this duos creative drive, and maybe an embryonic notebook of things to come…

It starts with submerged vegetation twisting with the current, gurgling syrupy hues smudging definition.

Muted gulls multiply, as fragments of guitar fall then slowly piece themselves together in free floating suggestions of tunes.

Wet motors elastically rebound to a falling ‘penny drenched’ fret scraping, then ambient clarity. Shimmering notes leisurely drip through, only to be cut short by heavily delayed fumbling ‘n’ fidgety fingers.

Backward strings push the volume threshold, until focused notes dribble back through in a beautiful structure like a twisting ballerina. These peter out to the tinny sound of sticks caught in a rotating bicycle wheel.

A humming echoed ache, flecks of solidity caught in the stretched thump of water. Shapes slip n slide like sunlight viewed from below water- dancing mercury.

Repetitive strings whirl around spiky textures, recoiling as they descend on a bouquet of bubbles… Cooing pigeons rapidly transform into baby monitor static, then moorland wind to silence.

Act IV (patience) – Mi & L’au

Makes your wonder what the other 10 acts sound like... and whatever happened to Act III?

Fuzzy Lights CDR 3Trk

The Fuzzy Lights

A lovely bit of chamber ambience (that’s in the classical sense) from Mi & L’au’s backing group and band in their own right – Fuzzy Lights. This short EP is full of bowed guitar and violin swells. Sort of reminds me of Godspeed or Esmerine with all that slow and majestic unfurling, but is probably more reminiscent of the Amateur soundtrack, with track three’s choral aspects capturing the comparison superbly. There’s lots of emotional attachment to be found here with an oddly optimistic slant that makes you hungry for more. The sound of falling stars and flickering candle light – simply lovely…