Friday, September 29, 2006

I need more candy

Glass Candy

Championed by 20 jazz greats for some time, Glass Candy is a three piece female lead alt pop outfit hailing from Portland. They produce some wonderfully jaded gems; with early vocals that cut into you, like tightly wound nylon and later ones that literally seduce. Frosty detachment sleeks ‘n’ reeks of sex, strobes and cigarette stained shadowy places where the mirror globes act like fluttering moths – something that’s been pleasuring my ears for sometime now.

Over the years Glass Candy have a massed a steady stream of tour CDR’s all issued in frustratingly small editions, but don’t worry if your weren’t lucky enough to bag anything first time round, as some devoted fan is offering most of them up for mass consumption through his/her site aptly called

Stretching from early demos to some polished articles these dwlds give a neat plotted history of their tainted disco sound and supply you with a fantastic grounding for future developments, so when you’ve finished here you can start buying up their goodies and give them the riches they so rightly deserve.

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