Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wolf Eyes

The Driller EP - Wolf Eyes

Two new trks on this recent 12" from those ever prolific Wolf Eyes people. One tune from the forthcoming Sub-Pop LP, the follow up to the fabulously corrosive 'Burned Mind' and on the flip side an exclusive non album offering called 'Psychogeist'.

Although the uber-evil groaning of the 'A' side captured my imagination, personally the flip is the best side, showing a new filmic/soundtrack direction to their arsenal. A subtly chilled tension as opposed to blasting you into submission, this is real dark alley stuff with occasional metal clatter etc thrown in strategically to creep yer out in a 'Freddy's comin to get yer' stylee...

The Driller EP - Wolf Eyes


dorkthrone said...

The new LP (not out yet, but readily downloadable on slsk) is definitely a more subtle beast than "Burned Mind" and all the better for it. Can't wait to buy it on wax!

Cloudboy said...

looking forward to purchasing this new LP myself