Sunday, November 05, 2006

That's my boy...

My eldest son’s first musical purchase, infinitely better than my first one I can tell yer (and no I’m not telling).Great cover don't yer think?

Such a beautiful sunset today, thought I’d share the spectacle, sorta reminds me of a flying saucer trk, but frustratingly can’t seem to find the CD. One day i'm gonna file these things properly, grrrrr!!!


Rafael Marquee said...

Oh yes, Great Cover!

But, what what is that exactly, Mic? I'm curious! :P

btw: visit my blog!

Cheers :)

Cloudboy said...

hehehe - that's the new CSS single, (the band you love to hate) but i'm never telling you my first record purchase, the shame would be to much to bear...

Rafael Marquee said...

Mic, Are you ok? hehehehe

I don't know what i can say to you but...No problem! I am still your friend after this(I think)! hahahahaha