Cobra Killer: 76/77

The Cobra Killer strike hard and fast with their album, '76/77' - a collection of venomous loops, grievously groovy hooks, samples and Teutonic accented chants. Zey most definitely haff vays of making us dance, laff and ov scaring ze pants off ov us!

Primarily (to date) known for their wine soaked, debauched and chaotic live shows and for having toured with the likes of Sonic Youth and Peaches, Cobra Killer cannot fail to continue to raise their profile if they carry on making music as good as this.

The album's not an easy journey though - and you'll have to pin back your ears (courtesy of the various 'swish-thunk' of thrown daggers which pepper the tracks) to get past the initial impression of kitsch mayhem - but the challenge is part of the ultimate pleasure, because what they're doing takes a pleasantly surprising and different slant on the sometimes rather hackneyed digital music scene.

Cut to the chase and listen to the killer track LA Shaker - a pure and fangy injection of neurotoxin as you'll ever get down your lug-hole and a track as catchy as a chameleon's tongue. Forget the fear of hooded youth, hooded reptiles like these are where the thrill of the unpredictable can be found.

by Winkcommander (who's PC is very ill)


Anonymous said…
This album is really great, Mic!

So much better than the CSS albuns , huh? :P