Monday, February 05, 2007

Era Of Technology

When Nurse With Wound recorded the tracks that went on Automating Volume 2 you have to think he was thinking of Brainticket's Celestial Ocean.

It's all there - the slightly slurred, TeutonoGong murmurs and weeps, the flicking, tumbling drumsounds, the oddly precise, pseudo-scientific narration, the electric arcs and buzzes, the shortwave radios, those sounds like a sheet metal man being dragged softly around the playground by his chums...

And while we're on the subject, does anyone else think that Automating Volume 2, a compilation album of odds and sods, actually sounds like one of the most coherent Nurse albums? I've only recently re-bought it on CD after the vinyl started to expire and, well, it holds really well together, with each track seeming to flow seamlessly into the next...

Anyway, this track could almost be a sequel to NWW's Human Human Human. Maybe it is. Enjoy.

Brainticket - Era Of Technology
A Yousendit IforgotI Invited *U* Presentation

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