Robedoor and Pocahaunted – Mouth of Prayer CDR

This is an unusually mellow outing for Robedoor, the usual doom riddled atmospheres replaced with subtle stains or taints, a slowly transmutive drone to which Pocahaunted supply vocal tracings and layered guitar loops.

Guessing Robedoor are responsible for the general uneasiness that’s threaded through this single track, a bent mirror undercurrent, similar to that psychic nagging you used to get just before a cassette wobbled off into disrepair, slight distorted shapes, cymbal smears, rifts in the lullaby quality.

Lovely Native American drums supply a gentle impetus, a heartbeat definition through which the vocals fall, float apparitionally chasing their own tails wailing, whelping, wraithlike shapes that fade slowly out.

A beautiful sound that doesn’t over stretch itself during the disc’s 27 minutes and demonstrates an interesting division for Robedoor while furthering Pocahaunted’s ability to invoke the ghosts of the Sioux , Pawnee, Arapaho.

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