Gang Wizard - 4515 Thesis: A Series Of Split Pots - 2007 Tour CDr

A flash flood of rabid monks with hedge trimmers, their hands replaced with hooves. They clamber over their instruments, creating ram-shackled fragments of rhythm, following drums that are continually forced into ever tighter places; a distant drill dips into the cranium with see-saw buzz. Oh, I just luv these tour releases, getting quite partial to living room gigging.

3 of the 4 live tracks here growl with a cave primitive no–waver type vibe, basted with tinny cymbal and mutant guitar and some lovely ranty vocals too, occasionally backed by a chorus of whipped housewives.

Track 2 is the real fun though, a mental, free-association slow-burner. A jumble of jutting shapes stitched together, then coming unravelled in equal amounts over this tracks massive 24(ish) min duration -ideas a plenty. If I saw this live I’d be ecstatically yelping by its conclusion – the musical equivalent of letting chimps express themselves with a lot of paint and canvas whilst little sparrows hop over the results… an outpatient therapy session for the reality challenged, a perfect remedy against the mundane.

With a nod to the artwork, this is the sound of a teddy bears picnic through a music shop, documented in lo-fi bootleg stylee, rough-edged and glinting with the right level of madness, lovers of over-production need not apply.

Fresh from tanzprocesz