Monday, May 07, 2007

four for today or tomorrow

Elin - Impressions

Itchy, under the skin vibes from Elín, Reykjavikian ice shadows that reverberate nicely in the mind’s architecture. Floating forms that latch onto forgotten memories, stretching beyond time like a shooting star whose colour fades on your retina.

Brian Lavelle - M.V. (Towers Conning)

If uber-nerve end judders are your thing you should give this Mr Lavelle release a listen. The sounds here glide with an Eno inspired smoothness tinged in some tasty Lilth inspired cerebral shards – emotional entrapments, shape-shifter streams of semi-conscious oblivion.

Crank Sturgeon - Motion Pictsaur

At the opposite end of the spectrum you could flush all this smouldering ambience outa your system with a simple Crank Sturgeon chaser, a noise jigsaw that juggles with your head whilst pulling the carpet from under your feet…

The Felicity Syndrome/The Linger Effect - Always Sick

…maybe followed by some bedroom indie to bring you back to earth with a cushioned landing.

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