Kevin Shields - Human Wider Experience

Nestled between some heavy duty (bone scraping) noise, is the track I really like from this new Kevin Shields release on Tanzprocesz. Not to be confused with the My Bloody Valentine kingpin , this Kevin Shields is the alter ego for Eva Aguila, a noise artist who apart from creating sonically challenged outpourings , packages her/and like minded releases in deceptively cute crocheted artworks that belay the evil awaiting you inside.

Children's Court is a 16 min plus wreckage of percussive guitar / frazzled vox and shape shifting distortions, a rough edged exploration into the beautiful heart of noise. Here sheets of acoustic reverberation are melded with scathing waves of generated sounds, bubbling on through, fracturing the base material into wayward shapes, new evolutions pop into existence then extinguish all too soon. At some points you wonder what’s feeding off what as the gorgeous mess unravels before your ears, leaving me with a dreadful craving for more.