A tongue in your brain and luke-warm beer

Argumentix - Beyond Party Destruction Time CDR

Straight off their Marseilles production line comes more conjectural oddity and underground sensation, something that you’ll definitely not find in your local HMV.

The paint job is suitably disco and the CDR is unusually packaged on a decorated bargain basement slab of vinyl – a cool anti-12inch, totally unplayable, being smeared in spray painted graduations.

The music cheerfully slashes at that ‘feel good’ party vibe, happily grafting the circuits into abruptly changing landscapes of post-industrial menace.

Argumentrix throws an abundant amount of malformed textures ahead of an equally plentiful collection of instrumental/song ideas, with this release coming across like a scrapbook exposure from a fertile mind.

The guy's got a great vocal style too. Authoritatively discontent, it's mixed with a slightly jaded/inebriated delivery that gives these 17 tracks depth and a marred poetic vibe that appeals to the likes of me, especially when it’s steeped in a suitable amount of delay/reverb. It also mixes very well with those attention-deficit electronics that are intent on playing shadow puppets with the rhythm.

Even when dealing out the abstract as on Stomache Flu you still get a powerfully visual impression, which in this case fits queasily with the title in liposuction debris and intestinal twists of sound.

Wish more party flavours were like this one, harnessing new shapes, patterns and of course the perfect excuse to create their very own accompanying dance moves.

Party on...


envythedead said…
wow. thanks!

Cloudboy said…
thanks for releasing this great collection of ideas, been meaning to check your music out for months now, being a regular listener of DJ Rick and an occasional podomatic nosy around. Love these dirty rhythms and mis-shape songs you have going on there - fab stuff.