Broken car prompts scribbled reaction

Vomit Wormed - penned while waiting for roadside rescue


Anonymous said…
Hello ! I was searching for people that could have an interest for my music with the help of the name Islaja (one of my favorites performers lately) and found your blog.

My new album is now available for sell, but it's still without its first reviews. In the past, I have received incredible press from a variety of sources (All Music Guide, great composers...).

See and mostly listen by yourself some Philosophie Fantasmagorique.

Thank you !

Vincent Bergeron

"In the course of a lifetime, one encounters very few major musical talents. Vincent Bergeron is one of those few, a unique composer who is at the forefront of musical thinking."

Noah Creshevsky
Professor Emeritus, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York
Director Emeritus, Center for Computer Music at Brooklyn College
Cloudboy said…
just had a listen from your myspace page, liking those strange cabaret-esque vibes
Blue Brooklyn said…
Nice. Reminds me of early NWW album covers.