Kassette Kulture # 4 - Arklight - Hell's Black Intelligence

Side One – Anatomy of hell - A typewriter forces voodoo pins into glass. Corpse shadows rise up, soil dripping off their bony shoulders, swaying robes, carrying plastic bags full of metal. A chorus of tongue-less moans drift like heavy toxin, as the contents of the bags are tipped into the jaws of an ever hungry typewriter spitting sparks of gluttony. This rain of motorized limbs twitch and scrape the horizon, making shapes - a haunted geometry of dying spasms. Head-butted guitars to the kzzzzzz of cymbal, behind every vocorded deflation crashes more mechanical debris as animal heads float on a carpet of lice. Gnarling electrics creep though the undergrowth like wire brambles, knotted petals that rot under their own weight.

Side two – Beyond Hypothermia - is a broken beatbox, its batteries leaking into guitar string claws and giddy disorientation. Drill piano death and dented wood, vocals drowned in creamy scorch. Wire-wool tea cosy of illegible keyboard and rotting reverbed gloom. My skin creeps in a tide-like motion to the carnage, all those textures jostling for attention, making new sensation, awaking perspectives. Fuck this is a gloriously strangled tune.

Never heard of Arklight before but that mix of Robedoor(esque) texture and murky experimentation is a winner with me. Pushing doom metal beyond the one chord reverb, all wrapped up in a suitably tainted gold slipcase that is marred by slug trail scribble.


Robert said…
hey, that's some damn good writing there, sir

it may be due to my own singular form of brain-damage, but i was thinking how much this music-writing reminded me of poetry


Cloudboy said…
thanks man - not a patch on your eloquent wordsmithery.