Friday, August 24, 2007

Agripon - UKcd-r Tour

... makes you wonder if oil crayon kills CD players as affectively as spray paint, but for those brave enough to give it a spin you get a handful of warm up textures followed by a fab twenty minute plus carnal house of improv ruin that serves as the discs blaze of glory. These crazy crazy French blokes are mad for it!!!

... if their equipment survives the tour I’ll be amazed...


cocaine jesus said...

thank god. alternative taste in music. god bless your little cottons. i may not enjoy the music but i welcome the alternative input.

as for your art good sir, those neat & nifty sketches that you seem to no longer do, wanna join discharge as a contributor? stick 'em up there?

if so e-mail me so that i can get your address and send you an invite.

only genius need apply!

Cloudboy said...

still doodling away, just a bit lazy when it comes to uploading