Placenta Popeye / Le Dernier Cri

Silk-screened Book and CDR

A great dilapidated guitar stagger/stutter with mushed rhythmic crows circling on top to drooling half-formed hobo vexations below. Plagued by invisible demons, arms flailing, spit arched in a ketamined rant economy, legs knocking over the empties mid-sway. The sky is eaten, disfigured in the pole axis of a bottle bottom. Words gulp blurrily around, spill over and darken the soil. If Moondog ever discovered the joys of electricity, I reckon he’d sound a lot like Mr Placenta. What’s more, this latest release is housed in a beautiful silkscreen book via those French purveyors of ocular filth Le Dernier Cri - making it the most lavish to date. Loving those brutally drawn orifices squirting moist n hairy globs of snot, faeces and vomit in day-glow pink, green and blood red in true outsider stylee...