Sadaar Bazaar and Saturation Point - Winter Solstice Special

Sadaar Bazaar and Saturation Point @ The Cube, Bristol - Thursday December 20th

This was a rare pleasure, as Sadaar Bazaar are one of Bristol’s more allusive acts. Coloured gel projections transported you back to 1967 as the sitar psychedelically slipped through the subtle keyboards that added modular swirls and rococo flourishes to its distinctive twang. Cymbal shimmer and loose drums fell around the flowing liquid shapes, complimented by some great guitar work tinged in country slide and blues inclinations. At one point, the drummer, taking a break from his vocation added some lovely mouth organ smears to the mix – oh this was a magical lightly brushed touch. Their music was full of giddy colour and controlled expansion, leaving my head nodding like a little Buddha dolly – apparently there’s a new album out in the New Year folks - can’t wait.

Saturation Point were a post rock Bristol outfit with a heavy effects driven canvas, featuring a drummer (Ted Milton look-a-like) who seemed totally possessed as he smashed into both metal and skin with a solid blur of activity. Chiselled Sigur Ros type guitar oscillations flowed over the sometime tumbling bass, while light bongos were drowned out by a pounded drum kit. The soundscape was a wide aperture filled up to the brim, that grew in intensity melding into heavy ‘gilded eternity’ territory with a ‘flat fields’ chaser - A fabulous end to the year.