Kassette Kulture #9 - Unicorn Hard-On - Sweet Teeth

In the Fix of the Fox
– really loved this track first time I heard it, a gorgeous sonar-drowsed ache, a lycra cat’s cradle through which a machine wrought wind whistles. Sexy contractions, a languid heart beat under semi opaque suggestiveness, the light spreads tiger stripes, the wall seems to breathe eerily...

Big Rodents - Surveillance bleep scrawl - layers of pattern buffering up and over each other, as brittle branches eddy out of sight, a buried beat makes it to the surface in sticky bubbles. Flickering diodes create a visual score in pox red spikes, q-base subversions, an irrigation of fairy lights amongst cold logic. Vinyl squeaks n rotating mirror balls of sound, scrunching computed regularity into ever bizarre tangents.

Warm Coats - brings to mind Kas Product / NDW type synth pad deductions, all slinky, distinctively urban, paddles of slippery beat and compressive motion. Laser beamed splatters and muted emergency siphons, a tune seriously in need of some Germanic vox.

Cold Claws - Preset bleeptronics, invaded by insect chime n semi formed fuzz that builds into an additive listen - a displacement of texture that plays tricks on the mind.

Buck Shot - a songlike escalation of soft quirked brackets and obliques, frenetic aesthetics and squiggled directions, rubbery rotations cut across with mechanoid sheen and wide open stabs. A chase of crazy angles and loose road chippings, the camera all divisive.

The tape eases you out with a toyland organ, haunted and grainy, like an old photo yellowed with age that fades in the morning light...

Unicorn Hard-On gets the thumbs up from me, taking the raw materials of dance and doing something infinitely more interesting with it. Mixing the patterns and beats into some awkward collusion, over impregnated digital patterns knitted together in repetition. The bleeps, glitches, sweeps and other decorative effects spraying brightly coloured rainbows between the ears.