Placenta Popeye – Yellow CDR

Missed this the first time round, but thanks to Panagiotis Spoulos of Reverse Mouth, it’s been beautifully resurrected with a massive bonus from the original ‘yellow tape’ sessions seamlessly tacked onto the end. The first two tracks are a real stinking festival of migraine, with everything peaking in the red - Mellow yellow this most definitely isn’t.

Screeechin’ candy attacking your ears with toothless mumble and god knows what else collapsing into the blissfully illegible - a power tool carnage for all those that hate the Sunday morning queues at B&Q. Agony to lose yourself in - excellent stuff! The next track is more sculpted, a slow drone with stabbing overdubs of vocal vomit, autistic guitar, and some appetizing brackets of feedback coming at you from ever steepening angles.

The bonus is even better - a 16 + minute buzz-saw lullaby for the lost, with ragged guitar knives coupled with some evil sonics that tear at your head like demented can openers. Don’t miss out this time round, jump over to Phase! and grab yourself a wholesome slice of Placenta.