Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Young Knives, Johnny Foreigner and Venus Bogardus

Moles Club, Bath - Monday 3rd March

... finally got to see the Young Knives last Monday night courtesy of some freebies via Mr Olivetti. A very groovesome evening it was too, even if I was plagued by a snap happy loon who kept obscuring the view. Funnily enough, turned out to be a night full of drum, bass and guitar trios - with the Knives being the highpoint. They were jagged n electric, firing out sarcastic quips at each other between bouts of frenetic guitar with weighty bass chug and drum follow through. The action was thick n fast with plenty of superbly spikey tunes - gauging from the explosiveness of their set, the new album is going to be a fine slab of post punk/pop/??? - as good as the previous... crammed to the eyeballs with singable hooks. Respect must also go out to the support from Birmingham’s very own Johnny Foreigner who made a shouty and energised racket, thrashing their guitars for all their worth, and to local Bath band Venus Bogardus who shot out some delicious SY type vibes, both high calibre acts.

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